Who we are

Koinè e.V. is a non-for-profit association founded with the aim of fostering social and cultural integration among marginalised minorities and local communities living in Berlin.

In collaboration with other associations, volunteers and experts in the field, Koinè provides both services and lifelong learning skills to support employment and labour mobility as well as developing an artistic and political engagement towards social issues of pressing relevance stimulating debate and spreading knowledge to help integration become a reality.

Our Projects

After a period of context analysis,  all the projects that Koinè intends to implement were specifically selected following the needs that migrants, refugees and fellow associations had expressed as urgent. They are ideated to promote inclusion among the diverse populations, from locals to ethnic minorities, migrants and refugees’ communities relocating in Berlin.

Wohnungssuche Beratung

As declared from the majority of individuals and families living in refugee shelters, the need to find an apartment is the top priority. Because of their status and the cultural barriers they might encounter, Koinè aims to assist their research throughout bureaucracy and further obstacles.  

Common dinner

The possibility to cook is a privilege often denied in refugee shelters. Cooking and sharing a meal in company is fun, relaxing, and gathers many together. + picture section of eventual dinners


We have a programmed a series of brilliant movies and documentaries, to entertain and inform the audience, and stimulate constructive debates.

Art exhibitions and installations

Every individual possessing an artistic passion to share, will be allowed to express itself freely displaying installations, paintings and photos of socially and politically committed nature.

Concerts and jam sessions

Some space for talking and relaxing with chilled music in the background is a must!

Where we are

At the moment Koinè is an itinerant organisation, still in the process of securing its own physical space.

Nevertheless, Koinè can count on the cooperation of various well-established organisations in the city of Berlin, with whom we share the space for the provision of services and projects.



Sweet time and awesome people at the Koinè Launch Event today ! #koineberlin #cyclingforrefugees #refugeeswelcome #refugeeart #artforrefugee #paperboat #familland

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